Wax Melters, Tealights and Keeping Safe

There are two main types of wax warmers you can use to melt your Wychwood Moon wax melts: tealight or electric

Tealight Wax Warmers

These wax warmers are have either a glass or ceramic bowl/dish above a tealight candle.  These are sometimes confused with oil burners.  The main differences between wax melters and oil burners are the size of the dish and the distance from the top of the tealight candle to the bottom of the dish.

Wax warmers have larger bowls/dishes on top which are further away from the tealight flame and it is in this bowl/dish that you add your wax melt. If your wax melter is too short it will burn off the scent of the wax melt very quickly and you will not smell the aromas for very long at all!


Using a short wax melter could also be a fire hazard if there is not enough distance between the top of the tealight flame and the bottom of the wax warmer bowl/dish.  As the wax warmer gets hotter and hotter, the bowl/dish could crack causing the melted wax to flood the tealight well or even for the tealight flame to lick up the side of the wax melter.


Wychwood Moon recommends that the minimum size between your tealight flame and the bottom of your wax melter bowl/dish is 8cm and your wax melter should be well ventilated.  If you are ever unsure read the guidance that it was supplied with.

Electric Wax Warmers
These wax warmers also have a bowl/dish just like the tealight wax warmers however, they do not use a tealight so are flameless.  They are powered by electricity using a small bulb and are either plugged directly into a socket or plugged into a socket using a cord.


Please remember that no matter which type of wax warmer you use, overfilling it with wax is dangerous and is a serious safety concern as overflowing wax can cause fire!

General Safety & Guidance

  • do not leave your wax melter unattended when in use and always keep out of reach of children and pets

  • add wax gradually and with care and monitor the fill level of your bowl/dish

  • use an appropriately sized tealight in your wax melter (larger tealights in smaller melters could overheat and crack your dish/bowl)

  • use a good quality tealight with maximum burn time of 4 hours and allow your wax melter to cool down before using a new tealight

  • never move your wax melter if the wax is still hot. If your wax melter uses a tealight, ensure it is not lit whilst you are moving it

  • never use sharp or metallic objects (such as knives) to remove used/solidified wax as this could scratch or damage the dish/bowl and potentially weaken it's structure thus risking breakage when next used. Apply a small amount of heat to loosen any solidified wax and then popping the wax block out of the dish/bowl using gentle pressure and a soft cloth or tissue

  • switch off or unplug your electric wax melter when not in use