Cleansing Your Crystals

Here at Wychwood Moon, we have been taking great care of your crystals and now that they have found you, we strongly recommend that you carry on caring for them as we have.  Please cleanse them regularly to refresh them and to clear them of any residual unwanted energies.  This will also “re-charge” them. 


Personally I cleanse all of my crystals by placing them in direct moonlight of both a new and a full moon, but you can cleanse them in other ways as below:


Place your crystals in the light of the sun, I would suggest that do this either on your window sill or in the garden.  Check that they will not fade and please take care that the sun’s rays are not focused in such a way to start a fire (clear quartz especially!)



Place your crystals in direct moonlight overnight.  Full moons are best as this will also charge them.  I leave all of my crystals out in the garden on the table although cheeky night creatures have tried to take them away before now! 

New Moon 2022

02 January

01 February

02 March

01 April

30 April

30 May

29 June

28 July

27 August

25 September

25 October

23 November

23 December

Full Moon 2022

17January - Wolf Moon

16 February - Snow Moon

18 March - Worm Moon 

16 April - Pink Moon

16 May - Flower Moon (total lunar eclipse)

14 June - Strawberry Moon (Supermoon)

13 July - Buck Moon (Supermoon)

12 August - Sturgeon Moon

10 September - Corn/Harvest Moon

09 October - Hunters Moon

08 November - Beaver Moon

08 December - Cold Moon


Hold your crystals under running water or immersed in sea or salt water to wash away built up negativity.  Be careful though as some crystals will dissolve in water especially salt water.  I would not recommend you cleanse your black tourmaline in this way.


Lighting a Sage Smudge stick and running your crystals through the smoke will purify and cleanse this.  This is how I have cleansed them before sending them to you.  You can set your intentions whilst cleansing them this way.  I have not done this.  You can do this with incense smoke also


Pass your crystals through the light from a candle to re-purify them and surround them with light.



Place your crystals next to plants or in the soil of house plants.  Being close to their original source helps to cleanse them and renew their energies



Imagine your crystals surrounded by intense white light which purifies and energises them.  I have used this method many times when others are not available to me.


Certain sound vibrations actually do run through to the crystals and this cleanses any negative energy they have taken on.  I have singing bowls and use these as they have great energy but don’t worry if you don’t have a singing bowl you can always ask Alexa if you have one!